Code of Ethical Product Policy - 8th Jan 2024

Code of Ethical Product Policy - 8th Jan 2024

Fair prices:

To guarantee sales at fair prices, we undertake the following initiatives:

  1. No physical stores.
  2. No sales promotion (with exception of providing a 5% discount coupon enclosed in emails to select newsletter subscribers via web advertisements).
  3. Setting retail prices at a markup of 50% or more above cost.
  4. While our watch products complete all final processes in Japan and are labeled as Japanese-made, to maintain international competitiveness in terms of quality and pricing, we outsource some parts manufacturing abroad which result in higher quality than products solely made in Japan. We collaborate closely with domestic OEM manufacturers to ensure quality control for parts produced domestically and internationally. Through our pop-up stores in Tokyo, Japan, we aim to convey this concerted effort to consumers at face-to-face.
 Water Resistant:

Our watches always displays water resistant to 5 bars which means our watches can be used for those who often touch water (e.g. fishery, agriculture, car washing, restaurants) and who do water sports (e.g. swimming, sailing, fishing) excluding skin diving, mixed-gas diving, air diving, directly showering and applying tap water to it under high pressure.

It is technically possible to display water resistant to 10 bars for I.TARU CLASSIC. However, we choose not to do so. This decision is based on legal precedents that significantly increase manufacturer's liability under product liability laws, particularly in Europe and the Unites States. Considering the risk assessment, we limit display to 5 bars only.

Screw-down crowns are commonly used in watches to enhance waterproofing. However, we've chosen to adopt push-type crowns instead of the screw-down type because we believe that the risk of thread damage and potential water ingress is higher with the screw-down crowns, posing a greater risk rather than enhancing waterproofing especially for those who are not familiar with mechanical watches.


To ensure longevity of our products, we utilize MIYOTA 8200 series mechanical movements, which has been in use for over 30 years since its release worldwide. As these movements are affordable and globally available, replacing the movement during overhauls every 3-5 years significantly reduces the whole maintenance cost compared to other products released by other mechanical watch companies.


We always offers environmentally friendly and sustainable watch straps, such as recycled plastic strap, SUS316L stainless steel bracelet, and calf leather. 

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