(archive) Pop-up event was held at Azabujuban, Tokyo, Japan on 26th Mar 2023

(archive) Pop-up event was held at Azabujuban, Tokyo, Japan on 26th Mar 2023

(archive) 26th Mar 2023

"On March 26th (Sunday), we'll be hosting a Azabu-Juban Popup Store ⌚️ & a relaxed, enjoyable 1-day meetup event simultaneously 🙌

Feel free to come and go without reservations 😊

・Date: March 26, 2023 (Sunday) from 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM
・Location: BIRTHLAB (1F Azabu-Juban Takagi Building, 2-20-7 Azabu-Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

A special thank-you gift campaign 🎁
① I.TARU Microfiber Cloth (for all attendees)

② Surprise! Gifts from purchasers & supporters after showing support!! 👉
* DAIJIMATT (for a few lucky ones)... (with sincere thanks to Daiji-san 🙇‍♂️)
* Quick eyebrow consulting by Mutsuyo-san 👩 (for 2 people)
* Mutsuyo-san will take a photo of your watch with accessories on the spot 🐤 (for 3 people)
* Souvenir from Mutsuyo-san's Tokushima (for 1 person)

③ Giveaway of the latest I.TARU watch! (One winner via a later draw) ⌚️

Purchase bonus
* Professional coordinators will help coordinate your watch and outfit👔, accessories🕶 on the spot! 💎

Would you like to join? Watch Photo Challenge! ✊🔥
* Use I.TARU watch, accessories, and fabric at the venue to shoot and edit as you like! 🎬😃
(Adequate power sockets are available at the counter seats)

▼ Here's how to enter for gifts 👉▼
* Fill out the attendance survey & post it on your Twitter or Instagram account with the hashtag "#itaruwatchjp" 😄"



気楽に楽しめる1 day オフ会イベント


・期間: 2023年3月26日(日) 10時30分~18時
・場所: BIRTHLAB (東京都港区麻布十番2-20-7 麻布十番髙木ビル1F )

① I.TARUマイクロファイバークロス(全員プレゼント)

②なんとっ! 応援後購入者様&サポーター様によるプレゼント!!👉
*Mutsuyo様の徳島お土産 (1名)



参加しませんか ? 時計写真対決!✊🔥
*会場のI.TARU watchと小物・布を使い思い通りに撮影・編集🎬できます!😃

*ご来場アンケートにご記入 & ハッシュタグ「#itaruwatchjp」 をつけてご自身のTwitterまたはInstagramアカウントに投稿ください 😄


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